What We Do

Unmanned Threat Research

We create armies of hacking robots to show the world that the playing field in cyber warfare is more level than they think.

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Cybersecurity Consulting

Trusted advisors helping organizations around the world develop stronger information security by getting outside of the box.

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Security Testing / Red Team Training

Evaluating security systems from the perspective of the attacker and training defenders to out-think the bad guys by think like bad guys.

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Who We Are

Mike Tassey "RedQueen"

Mike is a security researcher, penetration tester, drone pilot, and consutant. 20 years in the industry, breaking conventions, annoying telecoms, and welcoming our new robotic overlords

Rich Perkins "WhiteQueen"

Rich is a recovering developer, security expert, and radio wizard with nearly 30 years breaking systems, hacking the Gibson, and building cutting edge flying hacking robots.